Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is John Eldredge going to be there?  No. Several of us have been to John’s retreats. And now we feel the call to bring this message to men in our world.  The message and the flavor of the Freedom Weekend are directly styled after John’s Wild At Heart Boot Camp in Colorado (with his permission). But this is our own, unique offering based on what God is doing in us.

2. So what is a Freedom Weekend? We believe that the concept of a weekend, where men are trained to find and take their place in life, best describes what this experience is all about. It’s a weekend for your heart. A time to awaken your heart, find the path of Life, and learn how to fight for your freedom & the freedom of others. It is the antithesis of a retreat. It’s not about retreating. We just couldn’t call this a retreat because the message is all about aggressively getting your heart back.

3. Are we going to do a bunch of military-type exercises? No. But we will be offering optional adventure activities that are a great and fun part of the experience.

4. What kind of optional adventure activities? There is the opportunity for hiking, and mountain biking if you have your own bike.  There is an opportunity to challenge yourself on the climbing wall, zip-lining, or on the high ropes course.  All these activities are available only if the demand is there for them and you must inform us during the registration process if at all possible.  For some, just being away from their cell phone, pager, Blackberry, laptop, TV, kids, wife, and work will be quite an adventure in itself.

5. What’s going to happen when I’m there? We believe that you are going to have one of the most significant, revolutionary experiences of your life. It will not be like any “men’s retreat” that you have ever attended. We promise…no fireside acoustic guitar hand-holding “Kum-ba-ya” stuff.

6. What kind of stuff will we do? What’s the agenda? The agenda is purposefully on a need-to-know basis once you arrive for the weekend. Arrive on Thursday, leave on Saturday afternoon. Session topics can be found on the Freedom Weekend tab. If we told you any more, we’d have to kill you.

7. But I am not really a religious guy? PERFECT! This is not about being more religious. Religion is about trying to “get it right,” and doing more stuff in order to please God. We’re not going there. It’s a dead-end road.

8. But I am a religious guy? PERFECT! We will help you dump religion for real Life and Freedom.

9. How does the Freedom Weekend relate to Wild At Heart? The message of this weekend is based on the insights and themes brought out in “Wild At Heart.”  The weekend itself is modeled after the Colorado-based Wild At Heart Boot Camps put on by John Eldredge and the Ransomed Heart team, but we have tailored it to fit our stories and the men we desire to impact.

10. So what is the book Wild At Heart about? Read it or may we suggest starting with the short book “Epic” then move to “Wild At Heart”. You can order both here.

11. Is this Freedom Weekend the same as the “Wild At Heart Band of Brothers” video series? No. There are some similarities, but this experience is VERY different. If you have been through the video series, this experience will still have something unique and fresh for you.

12. Should I bring a friend or should I come alone? We highly encourage you to bring one or two friends or bring a group along to this event. In fact, we believe that having another man alongside will only serve to deepen the impact of the weekend as well as help you when you return home. If you do attend alone, no problem.  There will be opportunities to meet other men at the camp.

13. What do I need to bring to the weekend? We provide all meals, but you are welcome to bring snacks and drinks. You will also need to bring a bath towel, a pillow, bedding for a twin bed, comfortable recreational clothes, and your personal hygiene items. We highly advise bringing a journal of some kind;  money for available resources (books, CDs). We will send out reminders about all the details to all who register.

14. Are there scholarships available? Yes.  If you would like to attend or know someone who would, we do not want money to be the reason you do not come.  We have scholarship monies set aside for these situations.  To request scholarship funds use the Contact Us form and let us know who you are, supply us with your contact information (we would like to talk with you), and briefly explain your situation.  The only thing we ask is that the attendee invests something towards the cost of the weekend.  Only they know what that is, so we ask them to simply pay what they can.  All scholarship requests will be reviewed and discussed by the entire leadership team prior to approval.

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