Freedom Weekend

The FREEDOM Weekend is a three-day mission into the recovery of your masculine heart as outlined in John Eldredge’s book “Wild at Heart.”

Through teaching SESSIONS, FILMS, ACTIVITIES, PERIODS OF DEEP REFLECTION, JOURNALING, and TIMES ALONE, you will experience an expedition of the heart that will start you on a journey of freedom and life that you desperately desire deep inside.

Come join us on a three-day quest to recover your heart and set it free. YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME . . .

The Message

Freedom Weekend is our weekend conference/retreat initiative patterned after our friends at Ransomed Heart and the Wild at Heart Boot Camp they offer.  Main conference themes are all created to take a man further up and further into the LIFE God offers.

On the weekend we have three main objectives: help a man get his heart back, teach him how to fight, and show him where the battles are. To see Christ come for a man’s heart and what God is up to in validating a man, initiating him, and calling him into the larger story is truly a glorious thing. It is a fierce journey for every man, but one that desperately needs to be taken.

Come join the squadrons of men who are hungry and thirsty for more. Men who are coming to God to better know who they are in Christ, where they are living in the larger story, and that know the good God is up to in his life…A man that knows who he is, where he is, and what God is up to in his life is a dangerous man for good. The Kingdom ranks of believers need more men who know what it is to walk deeply with God. Come join us and be one of the men who is seeking and finding more… There is more!

Typical Sessions

The following are the typical topics covered at Freedom Weekend:

Heart of a Man
Epic – The Larger Story
Understanding the Heart of a Woman
The Poser
The Wound
Healing of the Wound
Calling – Your Place in the Story

Weekend Date and Time

May 6-8, 2021
Check-In: Thursday 4:00-6:00 pm
Dinner starts promptly at 6:00 pm
Conclusion: Saturday 3:00 pm

Event Location

Ocoee Ridge Camp
479 Frey Road
Old Fort, TN  37362


2 thoughts on “Freedom Weekend

  1. This weekend I had the privilege to spend time with these great men of God….. Attending the Freedom Weekend has given me not only the ability to seek God in ways I never knew, but also has allowed me to poor into my wife and three children just in the past 24hrs in ways that I know the Father has designed…… Not to mention the over flow of love and true biblical meat God showed me through the entire Journey Ministries Team…… It was because of these men’s obedience to Christ this weekend that I was able to connect with God and allow Him to heal wounds allowing me to get back in the fight this Sunday…… I was able to express to the flock God has placed me over the importance of taking care of our own heart before we can even begin to be the Men/Warriors God intends for us to be duing our own personal journey! Thank you guys….

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