About Us

Restoration, Freedom, and Life: Three words to describe the vision of our ministry.  We believe God is in the business of restoring hearts and drawing people to Himself.  Our ultimate hope and prayer is to help men enter into the Freedom and Life the Father offers.

Mission: To be used to fulfill the mission of Jesus as found in Isaiah 61:1, “to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners”, especially as it relates to men.

Values: We value the full work of Christ as revealed in His life, ministry, and offer of Healing, Restoration, Freedom and Life.  We love to share with others the full work of Christ so they can experience the freedom and life Jesus promised and for which they were made.

Our Name: We believe that each of our lives is a journey.  The journey of our lives is like any new paths to be forged. So many times we are looking for the end or closure to things, which is appropriate in some circumstances.  But in the context of the The Larger Story God is telling, our belief is that on the journey He is continually shaping us into who He desires for us to be, therefore, the Journey is the destination.

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