Know Your Role…and Your Goal


As a life-long baseball fan and one of four generations of Dodgers fans in the Cook family, I was super excited to hear that a couple of weeks ago, we Chattanoogans, were going to be given a very special opportunity.

See the city of Chattanooga is home to the Lookouts, the Dodgers AA minor league affiliate. Now, since I live about 10 minutes from the stadium, I try to take in as many games as possible throughout the summer. But 2 Wednesday nights ago, something extraordinary was being afforded to us. The Dodgers’ ace, Clayton Kershaw, was going to be making a rehab start here! Certainly no team wants its ace to be hurt or placed on the disabled list. However, if it’s going to happen to CK, I’m glad to be a Chattanoogan!!!

Now for the bad news…it was taking place on a night when I was called to be at my post of duty for my church. Being a music minister, Wednesday night rehearsals are a big deal. After one of my friends offered me to join him in his front row seats, I had to decline so I could be at my post. I had to know my role! This begs the question – where have you been called where you might not have been as faithful as you could have or even should have been?

Because I wasn’t at the game, doesn’t mean I didn’t follow the progress and take in as much of the radio broadcast as possible. I also took to social media to get updates from the fans in attendance. Many reports were complete with pictures of CK in his “Lookouts” uniform. For those of you who might not be baseball fans, Kershaw is an amazingly gifted talent. He is only 25(ish) years old and has already won two Cy Young awards. He has, arguably, the best curve ball in Major League Baseball today. Which leads to my next point…

I saw several tweets from folks who weren’t impressed with his stuff while watching at the local stadium. Then there were a couple of tweets comparing this kid disparagingly to other Hall of Fame pitchers! Here is my issue…

In Chattanooga, Kershaw’s goal wasn’t to show off his filthy nasty ‘stuff.’ His goal wasn’t even to win the game (would have been nice – but lack of defense didn’t help him any)! This was a REHAB start…his goal was to get through about 80 pitches without reinjuring his back. While the Lookouts lost the game and while the local pitching aficionados weren’t impressed, Kershaw accomplished his mission. Since being activated from the DL, he’s won his two appearances and looked extremely sharp doing it!

But the spiritual application here is, to me, obvious…we have got to know our goal! If not, we could be sidetracked; we could be brought down by the naysayers. Stay vigilant in what He has called you to! We all have our position in the army of the Lord – know your role and know your goal….

He will take care of the rest!!!

Tim Cook
TJM Leadership Team

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