Five Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life


May is the month we celebrate Mother’s Day.  I am convinced that each of you have a mother or a woman that you love dearly in your life.  As men we become too busy and have trouble speaking “woman”.  The focus of this list is, doing something.  Don’t just go out for dinner, buy a card.  Spend some time and effort to express your affection and appreciation.  Here are some easy practical suggestions to help you celebrate the women in your life.

  • A thank you letter – Don’t just buy a card.  Write a letter that expresses what she means to you and all the ways that she has impacted your life.
  • Create a Playlist or CD – Music is the language of the soul.  If you have a hard time expressing things with words find the music that does.
  • Breakfast In Bed – This can be great especially if you have kids.  Create an experience she will enjoy.  Do it without complaining or grumbling.  If this is out of your comfort zone – stretch yourself and try.  This has always been an event that I have enjoyed with my family.  Check this site out for some Ideas.
  • Give Mom the Day Off – You can get creative with this idea.  Take care of the errands, chores, meals, pets and kids.  I can assure you if you do this well, she will appreciate it and you will grow to appreciate her more when you see all she does.  Take this idea the extra mile and take her to a spa day while you cover all these areas.
  • Spend Time With Her – Gifts are great but experiences and time together bring more lasting satisfaction.  Time is the real language of love.  Spend time with your mother or wife in activities that she enjoys and she will remember and cherish the time.

A Couple Extra Ideas

  • Coupons for services or things they need.  This website has a funny and practical list of coupons you can even print out.
  • Plant flowers she loves – I have done this several times.  She loves it.  The flowers are there to enjoy all summer.
  • Serve Organizations that Serve Women – There are so different organizations that need you.  You are needed!  The strength and energy that you could bring to impact a family or organization are priceless.  This is a great idea if the women of your life are long distant.  Go serve and send a letter to your loved one telling them of how you served in honor of them.

Okay guys, I wanted to make it simple, practical and easy.  Give me your ideas.  What have you done to serve the women you love?  Give some ideas.

Mark Carpenter
TJM Leadership Team

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